Authenticity, flavors and traditions. Customs Tuscany on our good food.

What makes our
cooking very special is the origine of our ingredients: we almost exclusively
use farm products from our own land, in particular olive oil produced from our
own olives, eggs from our chickens, jams from our biological fruit and
vegetables from our garden. We also provide our guests with the best local
specialities such as pecorino cheese, Tuscan ham and salami or seafood
delicacies from the Orbetello Lagoon. One of our peculiarity is the use of wild
herbs and flowers in our recipes, our cooking is the perfect mixture between
rural traditional cuisine and a more modern and creative one where we
experiment with all the edibles wonders that our land offers. The wine lovers
can always find DOC wine on our table always guaranteed of origine. Finally if
you enjoyed our food and would like to take some of the Tuscany flavors with
you, you can request our cookbook which is available in digital format and will
be gladly sent to your email address.